To start, a little “method behind the madness”. Naked Cooking Bacon came to me after trying to come up with a theme for who I am and the message I wanted to convey. In my life I  know who I am, what I want to surround myself with, and where I’m going. My career as a paramedic is my first love. People constantly tell me “I couldn’t do what you do!” which is great because I can’t do what you do. It was a struggle in my life to find what I wanted to be when I grew up and this vocation didn’t come to me till 30.  I feel like paramedicine is (in some ways) just an extension me. 911 calls you to people in their emergency and it calls you to serve them in the best way possible. It’s not always “saving lives” because I’ve seen first hand the human spirit (or stubborn determination) over ride my best efforts. And by efforts, I mean sustain vital signs till I reach the hospital or to get you chicken soup and a warm blanket. Both equally important in an “emergency”.

This is an outlet for my humor, my opinions, and my creativity. It’s called naked cooking bacon because I’m a big fan of few clothes (in my home…..with the windows wide open) and I feel my writing public is the  equivalent of showing up nude to a dinner party (preferably with bacon on the menu) and saying “Wadda ya think?”

I’m also a big fan of bacon. Cooking bacon naked is a lesson is being vulnerable.